The Westside Community Food Market

The 2013 Westside Community Food Market Report is out!

And you can find it right here!

Once a week this summer, a stretch of sidewalk in Kitsilano was transformed into a community food market. Kitsilano Neighbourhood House (KNH) and the Society Promoting Environmental Conservation (SPEC) once again collaborated on the renamed Westside Community Food Market. 

The Westside Community Food Market ran for 13 weeks in June, July, August and September, every Thursday from 3:00 PM to 6:30 PM. In total, 13 different vendors participated with an average of 6 vendors per market day (weekly attendance varied from 3 to 9). This included small and medium scale local farmers, backyard growers and local vendors offering bread, pastries, tarts, cookies, jams, jellies, honey, granola, raw baked goods, dehydrated fruit, popsicles and even curry chicken. Based on their weekly schedules, budgets, staffing options, and product availability, some vendors were able to be at the market most of the days, while other vendors chose to participate on only a few occasions.

  The market's goal is to support the small-scale local food producers and make locallly and sustainably produced food more accessible to the community. Last year, the number of weekly market visitors ranged between  100 and 200 people.

 Check out the video prepared by one of our friend Berenice in 2012:

 And another video prepared by one of our vendors, Fatih Balkis!

We look forward to seeing all our community members and visitors in our 2013 season markets starting in June! We have great new ideas and delicous local food to share!


In 2011 - 2012SPEC and Kits Neighbourhood House (KNH) hosted successful Pocket Markets from early July to mid September which generated $20,000 in sales each year for local food producers.

The Pocket Market was built on a pilot project by KNH which sought to build the local food movement by creating additional avenues for local food producers to connect with local food eaters. The market also served as an educational vehicle for local and seasonal eating and many market visitors took the opportunity to interact with vendors to learn about preparing and cooking new local produce.

For small vendors, the market provided an important source of revenue and an opportunity to directly connection and get feedback from costumers. 

"The direct contact between me as a producer and to the consumer; being able to collect feedback on the spot and develop a relationship that goes beyond “selling”. It is very important for me to go beyond simple supply and demand”.  - Pocket Market Vendor.

Read the 2011 full report HERE!

Read the 2012 full report HERE!

You can also access a summary slide show HERE.



More photos of the Market can be found on PickNShow


This short film by Michael Millard features one of our Pocket Market vendors Alicia Baddorf from World in a Garden.

Watch Alicia Baddorf by How Do You Do

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