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Current Volunteer Opportunities

SPEC is always eager to work with volunteers who are motivated to make a positive impact on our urban environment.  There are many ways to become involved, at one off events such as beach clean-ups or on one of the committees.  If you are highly motivated or have a particular idea you'd like to put into motion you might consider joining one or more of our committees! 

Email volunteer(at) to talk to Tova, a real live human being who'd love to help you get involved!!

Other opportunities arise often.  Sign up to Become a Volunteer and you'll receive regular volunteer call outs by email.

Specific needs

We are also often in need of office, research and writing help from just the right folks. If you've got a skill you think could be useful, please email Tova at volunteer(at)

Graphic designer

Many of our projects need help with everything from infographics to posters to signage. Right now, our Land and Water team needs great work done for beach cleanups.

Fundraising team

We do awesome things. We need your help to get money to pay for them!

Communications team

We have a great team, working hard on everything from social media to newsletters. We need a helping hand to communicate to our volunteers so they know exactly where to be and when to be there to help us do great things!


Energy Committee

The Energy Committee is looking forward to a great 2014! Rob, who is both SPEC's president and the chair of the energy committee, has started a few great projects but needs some awesome people to get them off the ground! If you are dedicated and passionate, there's a place for you. The committee focuses on issues around fossil fuel reduction, alternative energy and education. Email volunteer(at) or sign up  to Become a Volunteer.

Waste Committee

The waste committee had a break-out year in 2013, and we're looking for your help to keep the energy flowing. The committee meets on the third Wednesday of each month at the Mount Pleasant Community Centre. Email volunteer(at) or sign up  to Become a Volunteer.

Land and Water Committee 

Beach clean-ups, education, oil tankers, agricultural land commission: we need great people to protect the land that sustains us and the water that surrounds us. Email volunteer(at) or sign up  to Become a Volunteer.

Food Committee

UFFS Promotions Team

Help us build the Urban Farmer Field School, a program designed as a social enterprise for SPEC with workshops to empower budding urban growers with the skills they need to succeed! Promotional team will help with contacting local businesses and speak about the program as well as being out on the ground with posters and flyers to spread the word. Contact fieldschool(at) to help with promotions.

Get Growing!

Looking for inspiration? Guidance? A chance to give back? Our demonstration gardens are truly amazing. Both locations contribute to the community through supportive learning opportunities and food donations to those in need. You'll find a ton of information on these gardens at Get involved with the Cambie Communal Garden (near Cambie and 10th avenue) by emailing Dorothy at dorothy.bootle(at) The Cambie group meets regularly on Sunday mornings from 10-noon.  Or, volunteer to the YWCA garden downtown with Alisha alisha.hackinen(at)

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