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One-Percent For The Planet


SPEC’s Transportation Committee seeks ways to promote a significant reduction of the rate of climate change. The easiest way to do this is to tackle the single, largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in our region--which is motorized transportation.

Forty per cent of all the greenhouse gases generated in the Lower Mainland come from vehicle emissions. By changing the way we travel, we can significantly reduce our contributions to the climate crisis.

Transportation issues affect the quality of our lives and the the air we breathe. Increasingly, transportation is also an economic issue: our transportation decisions need to be informed by the reality that fossil fuels will not be here forever.

Good urban planning reduces our need for the car, by letting us live, work and play in compact, complete communities.


Our focus is to help citizens reduce their own ecological footprints by examining their transportation choices. We work with governments and agencies like Translink to ensure that there are real, effective public transit options in place.

Current Projects

  • Sustainable Transit Policy Recommendations
    • Providing input on ongoing transit projects and supporting sustainable transportation options through education and advocacy
    • Read our September 2010 press release calling for a reallocation of transportation funds.

Past Projects

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