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Soil Fertility & Plant Health Management

  • 24 Apr 2010
  • 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • SPEC - 2150 Maple Street, Vancouver
  • 20


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Soil Fertility & Plant Management

Facilitator: Grant Watson

An extremely important topic in organic gardening is soil health and fertility. Healthy soil is a vibrant community. Learn how to be an ally, not an enemy of your soil. We'll also cover some key techniques for promoting and protecting your annual and perennial food plants, as well as the ones that just look pretty, from disease and pests.

Soil management

  • know your soil type and characteristics

  • building organic matter

  • maintaining a healthy balance

  • managing moisture levels

  • additives

  • tilling

  • weeding techniques

Plant health

  • the basics

  • common pests

  • preventative measures

  • attracting predators

  • pest-specific strategies

Practical Activity

  • Learn some weeding techniques, identify pests and make your own compost tea.

Facilitator info: Grant Watson operates Grant's Gourmet Gardens.  He has been teaching both children and adults about growing food since 2003. 

This is workshop is co-hosted by SPEC and Village Vancouver.  Part of the proceeds will help support SPEC's School Gardens Project.

The suggested donation for this 3 hour workshop is $35.

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