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Energy Campaign


The health of our planet depends on reducing our energy consumption and shifting over to sustainable and renewable energy sources.

Buildings account for approximately 30% of our national energy use. In Vancouver about 50% of all our greenhouse gas emissions can be attributed to buildings. By providing information and knowledge on energy conservation and renewable energy SPEC aims to get individuals and businesses interested and invested in energy conservation and renewable energy. SPEC offers an opportunity for groups and individuals to view and learn about practical, long-term energy solutions to climate change.


SPEC’s Energy Committee works to educate individuals, businesses and children about renewable energy and energy saving methods to reduce their energy footprint.

Current Projects

  • Home Energy Efficiency & Conservation
    • SPEC promotes home energy efficiency and conservation through education and outreach events.

  • Regional Energy Efficiency & Conservation
    • We support public policies that focus foremost on energy conservation as well as progress in energy efficiency that does not exacerbate other environmental priorities.

Past Projects

Education & Advocacy

We educate the public as to the reasons, benefits, and best methods of reducing their energy consumption. 

We advocate at a municipal and provincial level for energy policies that move us toward energy conservation and responsible energy production.    
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